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HSP or Highly Sensitive Person: What does it mean to be a HSP? What does it mean to have psychic and clair abilities? There are many definitions online and in literature, but here is my version. HSP’s feel things on a much deeper level and can be hugely affected by people, energies, environments, events, animals, other’s emotions on a physical, emotional, and psychological level.

People with psychic and clair abilities are said to have one foot in the veil of the living and the other in the land of the dead- receiving messages from other realms and dimensions from spirit, spirit guides, animals, elementals through voice, pictures, touch, feeling impressions, dreams, visions, scents, tastes, feeling, knowing, visions.

HSP’s and people with psychic and clair abilities tend to work in various professions identified as helpers, spiritual healers- shamans, mediums, counselors/therapists, yogis, empaths, witches, wiccans, energy healers, artists, musicians, creatives. These people were given a gift that seems impossible to the logical mind (yet we all have these abilities even if we are not aware of them or suppressed them at a young age). It can be scary, confusing, and chaotic knowing that you have abilities that other’s don’t, without many options of support  and guidance to help you process, heal, understand, cope, protect, and develop your abilities to serve the highest good of yourself and the highest good of all.

With these abilities comes consequences like anything else when they are ignored and repressed including but not limited to symptoms experienced as anxiety, depression, intense mood swings, anger, confusion, fear, phobias, panic attacks, insomnia, night terrors, auditory and visual hallucinations, headaches, hearing problems, stomach and digestive issues, unexplained health problems, heart problems, and chronic pain.

It may feel like no one could possibly understand you and your experience, but I do. You are not alone. What if someone could understand what you experience and for once you don’t feel crazy or misunderstood, but you feel validated in a safe environment where you can discover your authentic self, heal and transform from past trauma, and uncover your purpose in this life. I invite you to explore and discover your life with me. The magik and possibilities that can be discovered within you are endless.

Individual therapy for adults (*ONLY Telehealth available in response to COVID-19)

  • 45-90 minute sessions in person or Telehealth
  • Free initial 30 minute consultation
  • $111-$222 for 45 to 90 minute sessions; sliding scale fee can be applied if applicable and if there are sliding scale fee spots available at $80 for 45 minutes and $160 for 90 minutes.
  • Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 6PM
  • Friday: 10-2 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Inquire for weekend Telehealth availability for a 15 minute check-in/assessment based phone call as added support in unique circumstances at $20 – $40 depending on the level of support needed.
  • Weekly 45 minute therapy sessions have been scientifically proven to be the most effective to attain long term lasting behavioral changes in order to reach desired goals. Will require to meet at least 3-4 times a month in order to keep your time slot for at least 3 months.

Areas of support;

  • You have abilities/ are a HSP: an empath and/or possess any clair ability (as people tend to have more than one) and need therapy and support with someone who understands. You are able to communicate with spirit in some form.
  • You are a healer and spiritual/energetic warrior 
  • Life transitions
  • You have been feeling overwhelmed- needing balance and boundaries
  • Depression, intense emotions, fear, anxiety
  • Self exploration and discovery
  • Wanting to heal from trauma; shadow work, healing the witch wound
  • You are a witch or warlock needing healing, better connection with self, and are seeking guidance
  • You have outgrown your life-searching for more meaning
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • How to exist in the world as an HSP/person with abilities, function in your daily life and in relationships
  • The desire to build self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, and intuition
  • Wanting to develop skills for: coping, grounding, centering, processing, transmuting, releasing, intention setting, meditation, intuition, ability development, awareness, communicating, independence, protection, empathy, compassion, problem solving, decision making, calming, connecting with self and others.
  • Unexplained health problems
True wealth is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. True wealth is having the knowledge to maneuver and navigate the mental obstacles that inhibit your ability to soar.
– RuPaul

About Courtney

My name is Courtney Keiser, MA, LPC, CCTT, owner and Licensed Professional Counselor at Discovering Your Life Therapy, PLLC in Austin, TX.

I always had a fascination with what seems impossible to the logical mind. I have always felt different than others, like I had some deep understanding and inner wisdom about life that I became aware of at a young age that not many others seemed to possess.  I tended to feel things much more deeply, had otherworldly experiences, an interest in fairies and elves, witches, magik, ancient wisdom and practices, spirits, energy, the soul, past lives, and the power of the mind.

I am a highly sensitive person or HSP. I am an empath, I am a witch full of light and magik, I am a starseed, A spiritual warrior and healer. I have a deep connection with nature and animals. My intuition is fiercely strong and it guides me in my work with clients. I am drawn to crystals and the many facetted healing properties. I have had clairaudient abilities at a time in my life. I am clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant. I think like a shaman when it comes to the soul and it’s journey and its shadows- incorporating and integrating mother nature, it’s creatures, elementals, and our spirit guides. With all of this said, do you think you might be a highly sensitive person? Do you feel emotions deeply, feel others thoughts or emotions before they tell you? Can you see, feel, or hear spirit? Are you drawn to alchemy and the metaphysical? If so, you may be an HSP amongst many other unique and blessed things with power and ability beyond measure!

We have been programmed by society for our logical mind to have the main perspective in life. The problem is, seeing through the logical lens keeps us in a limited and narrow view of the world. A logical view is only one of many. What if you could see and be open to even more views? HSP’s are those that question what is logical, they see more to every story or at least question what seems logical. We are in an age of universal awakening. More and more people are questioning the reality we live in. We are waking up as a society to not believe everything we hear. We are circling back to ancient ways of thinking- that we are all connected as people, with the earth, with animals, with the celestial bodies, with all the wisdom that has ever existed. We have begun to tap into the source of existence through meditation, yoga, intuition, energy, spirits, crystals, animals, ancient teachings, shamanism, listening to our bodies, creating soul families and communities, and staying curious. The world is changing, calling upon us to be authentic beings of light- to connect and heal, to find our own answers through guidance, self-discovery, and self-care. If you have been questioning society’s limitations and governmental influence; feeling like you need to get more in touch with like-minded people/ending toxic relationships; connecting with nature and animals- you are becoming more awake!


Cell: (512) 940-2558
email: court.keiser@gmail.com


Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 9PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
*Inquire for 15 minute check in on weekend availability.



You do not have to go through a crisis or be in distress alone. If I am unavailable for your immediate need please utilize these resources below to give you the help you need. You may also send me an email at court.keiser@gmail.com to schedule a session with me. I will respond within 24 business hours. Never be afraid to ask for help because recognizing you need help makes you a strong and courageous person

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (512) 472-4357

Shoal Creek Psychiatric Hospital: (512) 452-0361

St. David’s Pavilion Psychiatric Hospital: (512) 867-5800

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255

Please fill out the form for a free 30 minute face-to-face consultation (currently only provided through telehealth at this time) or email me at courtney@discoveringyour.life for more information or to request a session.